Craft Storage

This time of year our thoughts are on organization and setting the stage for the rest of the year. Because I follow several threads and a couple of Facebook groups on craft room organization, I have especially concentrated on my craft room this season. Two things to remember when organizing your craft supplies; make it easy to access and easy to see. This way you don’t loose track of what you have and you’ll actually use it! You can even use some of those supplies to help create pretty and functional storage.

Today’s flip is turning glass milk bottles into storage. This one is really easy! After ensuring your bottles are clean, simply create a circle with your craft punch or die cut to cover the lid and create a label for the front to show what the contents are. For mine pictured below I used a second craft punch in the shape of a label. There are also many ready-made labels on the market that are super cute!



I saw a craft online recently from the dollar store so I thought I would try it. The post showed a round wreath made from coffee filters. I decided to make it a little more for Valentines Day so I used a heart shaped wreath ring. I think it turned out pretty cute! I may add a little bow or something to create a pop of color. Sure does look like carnations doesn’t it? If you have any suggestions for a spark of color send me a comment!

Here are the steps if you want try one. It’s only $3.00 to make plus some hot glue. You’ll need a wire form, a roll of burlap ribbon, and a package of coffee filters.

Wrap the burlap around the frame and hot glue at the end of the ribbon.

Next form a filter into a flower shape and glue one by one to desired fullness.

Repeat until you make it all the way around!

And voila!!

You can vary your burlap color if you want make it for a different result such as green for St. Patty’s or regular brown burlap for an everyday farmhouse look. I think my next try will be to dip the edges on a ink pad to get that variegated carnation look. I’m thinking pink or red!

So give it a try! Share a pic or feel free to ask questions if you like. Thanks for stopping by!

Christmas Reflection

Christmas has always been my favorite time of year. I always go overboard with the decorations. This year, since we downsized, I went a little smaller. Also, instead of pulling out the old decor I went with some new items. We purchased a smaller tree at only four feet tall. With a few dollar store ornaments, some wide ribbon, and a few flower picks from the home interior store we had a simple but elegant “farmhouse” Christmas. Enjoy the photos and happy new year!