Turning a page

So, it’s time to crack open the egg and get on with some healing. Since I last posted, there have been so many terrible things going on in my life, but with God’s help I am still alive. I have survived the loss of a child, a pandemic, living in my best friend’s basement, another move, loss of a brother, loss of most of my belongings…the list goes on forever. My daughter was my online helper and helped me create my website and get started with my business. Since I lost her I lost my mojo on doing this. Along with so many changes, I didn’t have a place to craft for a while, but I have created a little craft space that makes me happy. The scrapbooking portion has been on hold because looking at the pictures is still really painful. But because I do have a shiny spot in my heart with my grandson that was born in 2019, he is going to be inspiration to get going. I’m hoping he might want to be my junkin’ partner one day. But for now, I make him cards for all occasions and have fun doing that.

I am also starting a business with my best friend and we will be hosting monthly crops in the area. For those that may not know, a crop is a get together of crafty minded folks for a day of fun, crafting, food and fellowship. Most people use this dedicated time to complete their scrapbooks although all crafters are welcome. I personally make more cards these days than scrapbooks but I hope that will change soon. Check us out at Pink Flamingo Craft n Crop on Facebook. The website is under construction now.

So there’s my guts on the floor, and hopefully by putting this out there, I will find my courage and continue! Thanks for checking out my page along the way and thanks to all those encouragers. So let’s go flip some more fabulous! xoxo


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